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A lifestyle shop to support your growth, embody your magic, and spark new creativity.  


An assortment of inspired jewelry to express yourself and encourage personal growth. Including cuff bracelets, natural stone jewlery, and sustainable wood earrings.


Intention Candle Bundles

Create your own powerful rituals with natural soy candles infused with essential oils, crystals, and herbs bundeled with crystals and sage.


Ritual & Altar Collection

A collection of items to support in embodying magic and creativity. These items support in your growth practice including crystals, Smudge kits, candle holders, journals, and much more.


Our Story


Illuminates the path to life's greatest adventures.


Candles are my LOVE LANGUAGE!  I have been purchasing candles for years. There is nothing that lights up a home or space more than a beautiful smelling candle. These pure scent "magical" Candles are above and beyond my expectations. They burn clean, last long and look great. I love giving them as gifts and the extra crystals make them special and unique. Thank you Be Life! I am a customer for LIFE! 

Heather Steele